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About Us

Piece by Culture is a dream that’s been in the making for quite some time. Growing up in the American southwest Pat, Mariah, Craig and Kathy have developed a deep love and appreciation for the Native American culture, and especially their jewelry!  We provide authentic silver, turquoise and other semi-precious stones used in native American jewelry for hundreds of years. Jewelry crafted by artisans from the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes, is what we present to you.


Turquoise, for more than 5,000 years, has been a precious stone to many cultures around the world.  In the Americas, for the last 2,000 years,

turquoise has been mined, traded, used for ceremonies, and personal adornment by many different native American cultures.


Purchasing original jewelry from Piece by Culture helps preserve and support the rich history and generations of craft and art of these Native Americans.  When you purchase genuine Native American jewelry, you are supporting the artisans that have spent so long developing and perfecting their craft and style. 


 Turquoise has long been appreciated as a stone of healing, protection and beauty. We invite you to share in our love and passion of the art that comes from these indigenous peoples.